Constraints Led Approach Feedback

Constraints Led Approach Feedback

In my previous blog post, I designed three exercises based on following a Constraints Led Approach. As part of fully understanding this, I gained feedback from those who have greater understanding and experience.

Sebastian (@SebC__)

Don’t think I agree with the second example and the three games, “play through the centre” because I think it’s unrealistically constraining the defensive team (they’re not gonna count to have only 6 in the centre). Defending team isn’t training. I’d say it’s more complex than that and always stems from match analysis. If you play teams who regularly set up like saloon doors and underload the centre, don’t waste time to train, set PlayStation tournaments with the players instead. I would rather put two wide goals after the midway line for the defending team, meaning they will try to put more numbers on the wings when the ball is there to increase the chance to get the ball back and score wide But finding those realistic instructions is the hardest part.

Redesigning the Exercise

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