Diving into Football Coaching Theories

With over 5 years of coaching experience, I am always looking for new ideas or concepts to improve my ability to coach. My coaching so far has been influenced by experiences in being coached (good and bad!), experience of coaching and experience in watching others coach. From these, I’ve moulded my style into a style I believe I would like to be coached and get the best out of the players during the session.

The sessions I’ve put on have been heavily influenced by looking at the vast amount of sessions online. The resources online are huge. If you want to find a session on, for example, playing out from the back with 12-14 years old, you’ll be able to find hundreds online with a variety of different types of sessions. As a new coach, I would take a session and simply put it on how it was written out, then through trial and error, see why it did or didn’t work. Progressing as a coach, I realised this wasn’t the best way and I wasn’t thinking about the session plan before putting it on, but learning while doing.

Now, I am looking into each session and exercise to see what the best way to plan and execute. Also looking into planning a block of sessions rather than looking into a single session, which led me to be curious about Non-Linear Pedagogy and Tactical Periodization. With a very limited knowledge of these subjects, I am wanting to learn more. Studying in my first year of Sport Science with Football Coaching, Periodization was introduced and since I have been intrigued on how it can be implemented in a team environment. Some of the areas below I have done before and have a good amount of knowledge, but others I am completely new to.

Coaching Theories Researching

  • Non-Linear Pedagogy
  • Constraints Led Approach
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Rondos & Positional Games
  • Opposed and Unopposed
  • Implicit and Explicit Learning & Instructions
  • Cognitive Loading Theory
  • Tactical Periodization – Youth and Senior levels
  • Reflective practice (including observing other coaches)

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