About Me

I am currently an Undergraduate student studying Sport Science with Football Coaching. I have a huge passion and thirst for knowledge for physical therapy and fitness training, specifically relating to strength and hypertrophy. This website will be a place for me to post my thoughts and research from different aspects about 

My Fitness Passions

Physical Therapy

During my first year at University, studying Anatomy and Biomechanics spiked my interest in human anatomy and functions. Since then, my desire to become a Physical Therapist has only increased with my aim to complete a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Strength & Hypertrophy Training

Since I was 20, I’ve had a fascination with resistance training for strength and hypertrophy. My journey has consisted of lofty highs, of making huge progression in lifting and muscle mass gains, and desperate lows, struggling with persistent shoulder injuries. There have been periods where I have been consistent and inconsistent with my training, as well as times when I’ve taken time off due to injury and personal issues.


Soon after my fascination with resistance training started, further research led me onto the role nutrition plays in strength and hypertrophy. Wanting to maximize any training program I would partake in, I would spend hours looking into caloric and macronutrient requirements for individuals who perform multiple weight training sessions per week.

Coaching Experience

Since starting my journey in 2013,  I have coached in England, Australia and America across multiple age groups with various levels of ability. Obtaining the FA Level 1 and 2, as well as the Youth Module 1 and 2 awards, has given me a greater understanding of planning and delivering sessions over the period of a season.

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