About Me

This will be a space to post my thoughts on various topics on the magical game of football as well as the coaching behind it. A coach since 2013, working with different ability levels and different age groups, I am constantly looking to learn and improve myself.

Coaching Background

Start of the Journey

Starting in 2013 by gaining the FA Level 1 badge, I shadowed another coach to understand more about coaching and the process from planning a session to delivery.

In 2014, spending 3 months in Brisbane, Australia coaching an under 15s team at a local college gave me my first real hands-on experience of coaching on my own. The responsibility of planning and delivering sessions with travelling to games to be responsible for managing the team.

Falling in Love with Developing

After returning, I went straight into coaching a local grassroots team. An under 8s team I had for two seasons, with most of the kids moving up a team after the first season. Coaching 5v5 in the first season and 7v7 in the second season was challenging as they had never played either before.

During 2015, I completed the FA Level 2 as well as the Youth Modules 1 and 2 in 2016. Giving me a greater understanding of planning sessions and reflective practice.

Going Full Time

With a desire to coach full time, I moved to America in 2016 where I would be a coach for two travel teams (coaching u11, u12, u14 and u15 teams) and two teams (u8 and u12) in the club’s internal development program. As well as being a coach, I was responsible for assisting the director of the club’s internal development program.


In 2018, I decided to move back to the UK to study Sport Science with Professional Football Coaching at the University of Greenwich. In my first year, I completed an internship with Charlton Athletic Football Club, shadowing a coach for a team in their Youth Development Phase.

Recent Blog Posts

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